Thursday, March 10, 2011

Supernatural S6 - And Then There Were None and the sci-fi 80s movie reference that should never have been made

Long title for a very tiny post, you can be mad about that if you like, but the reference that was made needed to be written about.

Let me start by saying that I would never have recognized this reference if it were for the glorious Arizona Browncoats and the wonderful movies they chose for Can't Stop The Serenity last year.

We watched Dr. Horrible's sing-a-long Blog (and all sang along of course, a whole theater full of Browncoats).
We watched Serenity, of course.
But in between those shows and the musical acts we watched an 80s sci-fi movie called The Ice Pirates. It was hilarious and awful and I would totally watch it again.

And it's the only reason I caught this little reference in last weeks episode of Supernatural.
Dean: Well hey there, ya little herpe.
Sam: Why do you keep talking about herpes?
Dean: What?...I don't, shut up.

So I have this theory that the writers are imagining Dean (who is about 30, so he grew up in the 80s) as having seen The Ice Pirates at some point and now he is making a reference to this scene from the movie.

In which a space herpe hatches...and it looks suspiciously like the worm in And Then There Were None that is burrowing into people's heads and controlling them.

Dean was a total sci-fi nerd when he was a kid, there is no doubt in my mind now.

Update on my life and why I love Avenue Q

Alright, firstly lets cover the good things going on in my personal life.

I got a new haircut, no I don't have pictures, but it's a haircut that would look sexy even if I rolled out of bed in the morning and left the house without remembering to comb it. I'm telling the truth, it is that sexy.
My neurologist is the coolest doctor in the world. He said he was willing to act like House, right down to the irascible attitude and walking with a limp, if it would make me feel better about all the...

Wait, that goes in the bad
all the blood work, MRIs and Lumbar Punctures in my future...yeah, that's not good. Got blood drawn today and I have to get more drawn tomorrow. Lucky me! *eyes roll at the level of sarcasm in the exclamation*
MRI is scheduled for Monday morning and then I get to be scheduled for a Lumbar Puncture if we don't find anything on the MRI. Don't I feel like a lucky girl, I get to experience first hand all the stuff that House talks about nearly every week.

As my mom said, these are "scraps" I would rather not have...even if they might make some of my writing more realistic.

Also I've found myself in an untenable situation. I'm sick, I have a job I hate, I live in a city that I basically hate (not as much as some places, but still...) and I'm days from signing a lease that will force me to stay in this city for another year. I know the planning for this move has been going down for a while, but it really started before I started getting really sick (I'll spare you the gory details, but these migraines have caused some...stomach occur.) Now I feel like I'm juggling too much and my mom says I'm probably just freaking out over smaller things so I don't have to think about being sick...probably partly true.

I'm not sure where my life is going, but I don't think signing away another year of my life to live here is the right thing to do. I hate to screw over the people I was going to move in with, but I don't really see any other options. I don't think I should be making a decision to move while I'm not even sure what is wrong with my's not a good idea. I just want to stay in my nice, familiar apartment (a place I could navigate in my sleep by now) at least until I have a diagnosis and that could be weeks or months from now.
Once I'm healthy I can think about big life decisions, but I'm juggling too many things right now and I'm just not capable of doing it. I need to throw something out of this whirl of things and moving is the only option...believe me if I could just throw the possible brain tumor out the window instead I totally would.

Anyway, that's the update on my life.

If I've suitably bored you now, then it's time to move on to my second topic.

If you just skipped the opening update to read the interesting section then...I don't really blame you, but....SHAME ON YOU!

Anyway, I've basically fallen in love and, alternately, in depression with the Broadway musical Avenue Q. The play is about disillusioned college students with no purpose, bad jobs and sad lives...all living on Avenue Q. The play makes fun of RENT and Sesame Street and occasionally The Muppets. 'Cause, y''s done with puppets...