Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recorded a podcast as a guest host this evening.

I've been a fan of ApocaCast since early last year and only slightly less recently I've become friends with two of the hosts, Zena and Cristina.

ApocaCast is, of course, "THE ultimate source for reviews and news on Supernatural and the Winchester brothers" as it says on their about page. That isn't just talk, it's completely true. John, Cristina and Zena are wonderful hosts and great people, I'm not just saying that...I spent the Halloween holiday with the girls at Zena's home. Totally the most fun I've had at a Halloween party...ever.

Now you might be asking why they would have me as guest host. I mean, I'm clearly a Supernatural fangirl, but I work in a parking garage and write novels in my free time. What could I have to add that they couldn't?

The truth is, not much, anything I can talk about could just as easily be researched by any of the hosts. However I do enjoy researching lore and religion and mythology and that's what I'm on there to talk about.

Episode #23, today's episode, reviews episodes 10 and 11 of the 6th season of Supernatural and goes into some lore about Purgatory, the names of the episodes and a few cultural tidbits; as well as discussing ways in which fans (including the hosts) are filling their time while waiting for the Supernatural hiatus (or Hellatus as we call it) to end and the show to come back on.

You can check them out on their website, forum or on Talkshoe, where they record live shows that include call-ins on occasion as well as a chatroom for listeners.

Episode #23 should be available soon. Give it a listen...I'm sure I sound nothing like you expected me too if you don't know me in person.