Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Adventure Blog: "I spend most of my time in this store with an expression of complete incredulity on my face." "Only you would use that phrase while shopping at Dillards."

Yeah, my day has been kinda like that.

Use of large words aside, this weekend (specifically today) has been as close to perfect as I have gotten in a while. Actually...the use of large words probably helped. There is nothing better than standing in a Dillard's outlet shop with my brother and one of my friends and using the phrase "complete incredulity" to describe my facial expression at some of the terrible offenses to fashion that were on those racks. I'm not even what I would call extremely fashionable and I was almost in physical pain from laughing so hard at this stuff.

Perhaps I should rewind and explain.

Saturday night I said I was going shopping today with my mother and sister. That expanded into a family shopping trip of sheer hilarity.

At some point my brother (Skeptimus Prime) and my friend (Anti-Avenger) and I, all got separated from the rest of my family. Probably because A-A and I were too busy mocking the horrible clothing (we know why things get sent to the Dillard's outlet now, no one in their right mind would pay the original price for that crap) and so we moved from one area to another, finding the most ridiculous clothing possible and mocking it unceasingly. (We did find some great stuff today though and we laughed a lot and had a ton of fun, that's what counts).

Here is a sampling of some of the things we mocked. Though a few times we found ourselves thinking that we should come back to that store for clothing for D&D LARPing costumes. I even got a few shirts for use in Steampunk costumes.

There are too many sequins here for even a Vegas showgirl costume and it's not even sexy...

As if the color wasn't bad enough, someone decided to attach a fishing net to the bottom. The dress weighed a ton as well.

A-A called this the "Gold plastic chiclet dress" I have to agree.

We are fully convinced this could be used for LARPing. I can see an elf wearing this...maybe...

I would wear this for LARPing...

As for anything of actual use, well I bought several pairs of opaque tights. All are in crazy colors and I love them lots and lots. Somehow A-A and I ended up buying the same sweater dress and pair of tights, we will have to make sure to never wear those same things at the same time...seriously, it would be weird.
I also got this.
It's reversible and came with pillow shams! I'm such a girl...
 I stole my sisters comforter set when I moved out last August and I have been meaning to buy one of my own ever since. This one was just too pretty and it was marked down about 70%, I had to have it. It's on my bed now. The comforter is so soft and poofy that I just want to make a cave out of it and never come out. I feel all of 6 years old at the moment.

We also found this in the men's section.
 Size 10 heels, left in the men's section...size 10 denotes fairly large feet yes? So either a girl left them there because she decided she didn't want them or...well the other option you can figure out and it is much more amusing.

Tonight, after I got home, I went for a walk. The weather was perfect, the city was peaceful and quiet around me and I stopped to buy a sandwich and soda for dinner. As I walked home I saw this and had to take a picture. When I saw it, I remembered a certain section from the first chapter of Atlas Shrugged.
The clouds and shafts of skyscrapers against them were turning brown, like an old painting in oil, the color of a fading masterpiece. Long streaks of grime ran from under the pinnacles down the slender, soot eaten walls. High on the side of a tower there was a crack in the shape of a motionless lightning, the length of ten stories. A jagged object cut the sky above the roofs; it was half a spire, still holding the glow of the sunset; the gold leaf had long since peeled off the other half. The glow was red and still, like the reflection of a fire: not an active fire, but a dying one which it is too late to stop.     No, thought Eddie Willers, there is nothing disturbing in the sight of the city, it looked as it had always looked.   
I'm not entirely certain whether thinking of that passage in conjunction with my city is depressing or not. I haven't even decided if Eddie Willers impression of his own city was depressing or not yet. Maybe when I understand him and understand this book I will be able to understand this world?

Last of all, I came home. This church spire is always a safe landmark at night. I see it and know I'm headed the right way. For a person who left Christianity a long time ago, that's a bit ironic isn't it?

Oh well, my weekends have become increasingly more interesting in recent months. I think these Weekend Adventure posts may happen a bit more frequently.

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