Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Us VS. Them

I'm noticing more and more lately that people have this 'us VS. them' mentality about politics. Republicans VS. Democrats, the fight to the death. People have ceased to see politics and, in fact, the world in shades of grey and you must forgive me, but I find that when people treat the running of our country as a grudge match between two political parties (instead of honest debate on each separate issue) that they end up looking like the biggest morons on the fact of the planet. Republicans and Democrats are both capable of having good ideas, ridiculing one and expecting salvation from the other is never going to work.

This is worse than house rivalries at Hogwarts and significantly more childish...which is really saying something considering the maturity level of the students in those books.

The government has stopped serving the people, instead it's a staging ground for petty battles between two, increasingly ineffectual, political parties. They stopped learning to cooperate and now all we here is "Fuck Republicans" from one side and "Fuck Democrats" from the other. It's neither constructive or appealing to see our countries politicians, who should be working together to help American citizens, fighting over who gets the most space in the sandbox.

I think kindergarten students understand how to share and cooperate better than the people we have elected.

And that's right, we did elect them. The voters are partially to blame for this mess, but that's a topic for another night.

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