Monday, April 11, 2011

I've been acting a little odd lately

Kind of the way Tigger would act if you gave him crack cocaine I would imagine...

I've been grinning for no reason, skipping through the parking garage when I make my security sweeps and it's all because of one thing.

Are you read to hear this?


Okay, I'll tell you.

I'm going back to school! Or at least...I'm applying. I'll likely hit a series of buttons on my laptop tomorrow that will send a stream of 1s and 0s over to someone sitting at a desk so they can evaluate my worthiness to enter into their halls of learning.

I'm not all that worried honestly.

I'm absolutely, disgustingly, happy actually.

The only thing that is getting me down the tiniest bit is that when I went to pull up my SAT scores to send to the school I was told I was going to be charged an extra $24 because it was an "archived" score report. Wow...I feel wasn't even THAT long ago that I was sitting in a tiny desk and freaking out while I took that test and they already archived it?
Also...why the $24 charge to send an "archived" file? This is the 21st century people. It's not as if they have to send some poor intern down into a dark basement, equipped with a lamp to fight off Grue attacks*, to unearth the document. It's stored on a server just like all the other scores...maybe a different one since it's for an ancient person like me, but it's not from the hard copy era...

*You'd think that would be me showing my age, but it's really not. I grew up with an older brother (12 years older to be precise) I blame all ancient and antique video game references squarely on Skeptimus Prime's shoulders.

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