Saturday, April 02, 2011

iPad and iPad 2

I'm an avid reader of Autostraddle articles. (what lesbian isn't?) So when I was scrolling through back articles on a boring day at work (yes, I read Autostraddle at work...well not all of the sections clearly, but entertainment and technology and health news are all safe for work topics) I saw an article about the iPad and it's younger (supposedly more useful and attractive) sister, the iPad 2.

As Taylor said in her article "As for the name, well, we all remember the the internet’s collective cringe and…let’s just not talk about it."
All I can say about it is that my father said it sounded like a high tech menstrual aid before I did and, if you know my dad, you know that's pretty hilarious in and of itself.

I'm not a fan of Apple really, it's been a long running and (mostly) friendly debate between myself and The Conservative New Ager about whether Windows or Mac is a better Operating System. We have agreed to disagree. I do not own a macbook, I have an HP Compaq laptop that I dote on far too much. I don't own an iPhone, I have an Android smartphone that is my precious precious baby. I do own an iPod and I will concede that, compared to other MP3 player brands I've owned (Zune, Creative Labs, etc), the iPod is superior. That's the only Apple product I prefer over a cheaper knock-off. (I think we can all agree that Apple did the iPod first and best).

I've flirted with buying one of the Android tablets for a while, but it's not financially feasible at the moment. I was planning to buy a Kindle or Nook, because I figured I would basically use a tablet PC for reading e-books anyway, but then I realized I could carry it to work more easily and have video be able to work on my novel much easier as well.  Android tablets are more user friendly (yes, I have used iPads that belonged to friends) and much less expensive. Proving that sticking an Apple logo on anything will drive it's price up to, easily, twice what it's worth.

The iPad just serves no purpose whatsoever to most of society and, despite her claims that she does love her iPad and she tries to use it often, the authoress of the Autostraddle article basically said the same. Here is a section of her article that proves my point.

When the honeymoon period came crashing down around me, I started forgetting about my iPad for days at a time. In my apartment, I’d misplace it and walk around calling out to it, half expecting it to chirp back with some decidedly Appley distress call. When I found it, under the side of the bed or buried under a stack of unopened mail, it was usually too late: I’d forgot what I wanted to do with it and then I just couldn’t come up with anything.

Since those days, our relationship has undergone something of a renaissance. After making a conscious effort to shoehorn it into my routine, things seem to be sticking. In fact, I’m typing on it right now, since a Bluetooth keyboard works wonders for making it an actually functional hunk of aluminum.

Day to day , I tend to use it like a radio, literally. With the NPR app, I often live stream my favorite local channel in Kentucky. It’s soothing in a way; I know the local announcers and what times things are syndicated. The implication of course is that my $500 piece of equipment replaced a gadget that would cost me 5 bucks, if that.

But it doesn’t matter. I still don’t know what I use my iPad for exactly, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want the iPad 2.*

 And there in lies the problem. TCNA and I can sit at Starbuck's and joke and laugh as much as we like about how Google is attempting to take over the internet/world, but the truth is that Apple could sell any piece of crap to most people, for a ridiculous price, and the people would buy it happily as long as this bright shiny logo appeared someone on it's casing. 
*Emphasis added

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