Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Glenn Beck leaving Fox

Okay, I was actually going to do a really great post about this, but I got distracted by a REALLY good book at work today and now that I'm home...well my brain is hurting very badly. I really hate headaches.

Anyway, I would have thought I would have more mixed feelings about Beck leaving, but the truth is I'm not upset one bit. I, personally, believe he's been going for the ratings vs. reality a little too much over the past few months and, while he makes some interesting historical points, he's more of a laughing stock at the moment than he is anything else. (Of course it would be nice if Hannity left as well, I hate that guy...I really do.)

Beck had this annoying habit of bringing his, frankly, fucking insane religious beliefs into play a little too often on the show. Catholics and Mormons, man...two groups I can't stand, but at least O'Reilly tries to be mostly rational.

Of course, the best part of Beck leaving is this little petition a friend sent me a link to. A petition to get Red Eye W/Greg Gutfeld moved to prime time instead of it's ridiculously late night slot. I know...if it moves to a new time then the name won't make as much sense, but it would be nice to have my favorite show on Fox News moved up to a better time slot. It could finally compete with John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, if I had to chose one of those three to watch it would be Red Eye every time, because...seriously? The Greg-A-Logues are enough reason right there.

On a personal note. It finally rained here in desert land, USA. I couldn't be more pleased...though the weather is being more bipolar than usual. Is there anyway to inject Valium into the atmosphere? I'm beginning to think we need it.

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