Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A few bits of things not big enough for their own posts

I alternated reading Atlas Shrugged with surfing the web today and, as a result, I found numerous interesting tidbits that are all very nice, but not nearly thought provoking enough for an individual post. I figured I'll just throw them all in here and see what happens.
This is like my cooking experimentation...and like that experimentation it could end well (like that foray into making chicken pot pie last month) or in tears (The Mustard Seed catastrophe of 2009).

First of all.

Tears of joy for Evanescence (or as they should really be called, Amy Lee and her random back-up musicians) is making a new album. I'm happy, other fans should be happy, Amy and her music are...happy? Not the word I generally associate with Evanescence, but considering they did their part in getting me through my teenage angst...well, I suppose they deserve a shot at playing happy music for a while as well.
Amy Lee, once again making me wonder why it took me so long to realize I liked girls...

"The record is fun — and that's a totally new thing for us," singer Amy Lee, 29, tells SPIN. "When I listen to our old music I see that's where I was in my life at that time. This has been a long trip and parts have been hard. But it's about not taking everything so seriously this time."

World War Z (based on the novel by Max Brooks) may begin filming next week and the production company has hired cinematographer Robert Richardson (Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds) to work on the film.
This can mean only one thing...a new cult zombie movie classic!
I know I have friends who can't understand my love of bad zombie films, but I don't understand them. How can someone not love watching a movie with bad special affects and lots of gunfire? I'll go see it in theaters just to mock it loudly and openly along with everyone else in the theater.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy
In a turn of events that I fully believe may give one of my best friends a heart attack, a few new actors have been chosen for The Dark Knight Rises. The movie already contains Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (both of Inception fame, as well as various other films), but now Burn Gorman (of Torchwood fame) has been brought on as well. These are some of my friend's absolute favorite actors and when I texted her to tell her about Gorman, I initially said "Okay, don't pass out. I don't know how reliable the source is, but..." and her response was "WHAAAAAAAT"
Burn Gorman

Luckily she continued texting, so I know she did not hyperventilate and then pass out when hearing this news.There are more additions listed in the article and I'm sure I'll be railing or cheering at casting choices as we get closer to the big day, but I'm not going to get too excited yet. There is too much time for things to change between now and filming.

And finally...THE BIG ONE. 

I won't even expound on it...much. It's spoilers for the upcoming season of Doctor Who and we all know who much of a Who fan I am. Matt Smith is even growing on me...slowly, like mold, but he is growing on me. David Tennant will forever be MY Doctor though...

In completely unrelated news. I almost cut my own head off today on a DVD that was hiding behind a pillow...the damn things are sharp. Also, I really want these shirts...from

They also have another that says "The time for action is past. Now is the time for senseless bickering." I kind of feel that's where our nation's government is right now...

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