Thursday, April 07, 2011

7.4 earthquake struck the coast of Japan last night

I'm not the praying sort, you probably already know this if you read my blog with an regularity, but if I was I would be praying right now.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake was centered 41 miles (66 kilometers) from Sendai -- one of the areas worst hit by last month's 9.0-magnitude quake -- and 73 miles (118 kilometers) from Fukushima, where a crisis has been under way at the nuclear plant since last month's tsunami. 
according to CNN the workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant were evacuated after the quake hit the area, but Tokyo Electric Power Company says that it has communication with the plant and the power is still on. The quake has not caused further damage to the plant, but that could be more a cover story to keep panic down than anything else. At least in my opinion it could be...companies and countries like to play down the seriousness of situations until they get so big that no one can ignore them anymore.

Tsunami advisories are out for four prefectures in Japan, but The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is saying that a Pacific wide tsunami is not expected. That says nothing, however, of whether Japan will suffer through yet another tsunami, though.

Personally I'm beginning to wonder if the whole island isn't just going to sink into the Pacific Ocean at this point...

On top of that, these continuous earthquakes are putting constant new pressure on the San Andreas fault in California. Which the University of California believes (or believed in 2005 at least) is just itching for a chance to explode into the next "big one" since the southern section of the fault has not had a large earthquake in at least 300's been building up a lot of frustration and this added pressure from the Japanese quakes can not be helping.

Now I'm not a geologist, though I took a semester class and lab in it my first year of college, but I give the San Andreas 10 years, max, before a "big one" (earthquake over 7.0 magnitude) hits. Maybe we should by some property on the eastern side of the fault, we might end up with beach front property if the quake is large enough to shake most of California off the side of the country.

In anycase, bringing this blog back to it's original topic, I hope that the people in Japan (those who have not already passed on) will be safe in this time.

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