Monday, February 14, 2011

response to an email I received

I know that people read my blog and I know it isn't just my friends reading it, mostly because I don't have that many friends and I very occasionally receive comments from people I don't know...very occasionally...I'd like to get more though.

However, my email address is on my profile and, once in a blue moon, I will get an email from a reader who apparently didn't actually want to leave a comment that others can read.

I got an email like that a couple of nights ago, the evening after I posted a blog about Glee not being tough enough on bullying in general. Because I received an email and not a comment I won't reveal the complete content of the email, nor anything about the person. I'll only say that I do not know them personally and that I guess I'm glad I can work up a reaction in anyone at all with my blog, even if it's a bad one.

I was basically told in the email that I'm a "traitor" to the homosexual community because I don't want to treat gay-bashing as a worse problem than bullying in general. I get the feeling that the writer only vaguely skimmed my post because that isn't exactly what I said.

I think Glee is doing a disservice to both the gay community and victims of bullying in general by not discussing the impact that general bullying has on teenagers. It does the victims harm because they see a show where, once again, bullying is comedic relief and something that no one ever speaks out against and they are doing the gay community a disservice by making it seems that we only care about gay-bashing and not any other type of bullying.

Lastly, and I will only ever say this once, I was called a 'traitor', but I refuse completely and totally to have my politics, social status, friends, where I live or anything else about my life be decided for me in a herd mentality because I am gay or because I am female. Those are both what I am, but not what I think or believe.
It's not going to happen and if you don't like it...well you don't like it and that's that.

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