Thursday, February 17, 2011

I weep for how stupid people are...and then I become a smart ass.

I'm working on an editorial for a new magazine in my state (480 magazine, first issue in April, for those who care) and I follow them on twitter and facebook, since that's what any good (semi)employee should do...I guess. Maybe not considering the ridiculously, mind-numbingly stupid people that seem to make up a good portion of the other people who follow the page.

Okay, to be fair, this incident only included maybe 20 of the 430 people on the page, but still...

I won't link it...since then you crazy followers could find my personal facebook page and well...that's not happening.

I'll give you a rundown on the situation that opened this whole can of worms first.

The magazine had an "Arizona's Hottest Model" contest going on, or something like that. Anyway, people would send in a picture of them and it would be posted on the page and the fans could go through and vote on the pictures by clicking "like" on their favorite one. Whoever got the most likes won (don't ask me what, that was never established).

The funny thing about pictures on facebook is that you can report them if you find them offensive and if they are reported enough, facebook will remove them. The girl what was winning the contest had this happen to her photo, probably some people wanted someone else to win so they reported her photo a bunch of times and got it removed. (I'll pause to let you know that the photo had been airbrushed and photoshopped so much that it was ridiculous, how anyone could believe it was a real photo I do not know. I didn't vote for her, that's for sure.)
So the magazine did what they needed to do. They uploaded the picture and told everyone, that facebook had removed the picture and they had uploaded it again and anyone who had voted on the picture before should go back and re-vote.

This started a shit storm of anger like you wouldn't believe. People were posting all over the page's wall about how the whole contest was rigged and the girl withdrew her picture instead of letting people vote again, talk about over-reacting.

That's when it got worse though.The comments turned from this

If you are a "Professional" you would be responding to this issue "professionally".. Instead of attacking the people who are responding to the crap you are giving them by the photo "misteriously" being deleted..Thats crap! You need to RESTART EVERYONE in order to keep it fair!!
and this



(spelling errors intact by the way...I don't think even one person posted anything that was properly spelled or grammatically correct in any way at all)

To this

No one wants to read your PIECE OF SHIT MAGAZINE!!! nothing but fuckin SCAM ARTISTS!!! GO SWALLOW A FAT ONE!!!
This magazine is gonna wish they never screwed Macy over! N they are gonna learn a hard lesson dont fuck with the De La Lama Family after u gyys are donedoing damage to this magazine!!!

 Yeah, it was like that.
Me, being me, decided to step up and try to calm people down. Give them a different perspective and maybe make them see reason.

I forgot that this was a bunch of, nearly, illiterate, pissed off facebook fiends.

I said this

They never said they "lost" her picture. They said that facebook took it down, which happens if a picture is reported enough times. They put it back up and told people to go put their vote in again.
Perhaps it could have been dealt with better, but this was not the magazines fault. It certainly isn't a good reason for the nasty, repulsive and downright rude comments that people have posted on this page.
In response to a, fairly coherent, post about why this meant the entire magazine was a scam and no one would advertise with them now.

I got responses like (these are fairly graphic and if you are easily offended, or under the age of 18, don't read them. Just believe me, they are rude, crude, illiterate, miss the point entirely and prove how ignorant people are)

Shut the FUCK up meredith go take your four eyed old ass somwhere else! you dont even know whats going on , stupid hoe!

You want me to blow up your facebook wall next meredith? then shut your fucking pie hole!

Meredith your too lazy to get your fat ass off your computer chair to join a gym, and to get some contacts! how about some hair from the 20th century? i guess if your gona be wearing glasses you should get some frames that are up to date cause yours are fucking DISGUSTING!

do you take your glasses off when you suck on a big fat cock? your glasses probably smell like hot semen!

No wonder your a lesbian! Your too fucking ugly for a man to ever want you and im sure there isnt many women who would put up with your boring conversation! You probably have spit all over your keyboard! Maybe your single because no one would want to lick your smelly old pussy! And smell your nasty smelling blogging breath! Advice to you, stop talking so much! like i said before NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU! GO BLOG IN THE SHOWER WITH YOUR FINGER! Wait.. use two fingers, you deserve it Mer!

There were more, interspersed with a few praying for me to find Jesus (wtf did that have to do with anything?) but these were the worst of the lot. I kept my cool, because that's what I do these days and my responses were not angry, maybe a bit snippy, but what do you expect. However the responses got more and more vile, so I ended up deciding I had better things to do with my time than argue with morons.

You know, I'm not angry with these people...they probably realized they didn't really have a reason for being so pissed off so they only thing they could do was write rude and nonsensical insults that made no sense in the context of the conversation. (If you could call that a conversation.)
I feel sorry for them and do I feel like I'm a better person than they are...well...maybe. I'm certainly less ignorant and probably just as bitchy...just in a really highbrow sort of way.

Is this really our society now? Or is the internet just a bad example of humanity? If this is the way the majority of people are then I'm depressed (and will probably be single my entire life).

The really funny thing (and incredibly uplifting to me) is that if I was 14 or 15 these comments would have crippled me. I would have gone home and cried because I had such self-esteem issues, especially when it came to my weight (I'm actually in very good shape these days, won't be running marathons, but I'm not overweight), my glasses, my fashion. Tonight I just find myself laughing, because I know I'm good least to the people that matter and I'm comfortable with my body, my brains, and my fashion.

It's really funny how being insulted by a few morons can make us see how wonderful we really are. Besides, I realized that I'm just getting sassier and becoming more of a smart-ass as I age and what could be more wonderful than that?

Oh and just for some excitement, here is a selection of my rebuttals to their comments.

Ah, what a mature and well constructed answer. Last time I was called "four eyes" was in 2nd grade...nice.
If you think that worries me, think again. I blog about politics and religion, nothing anyone can say will insult me anymore.

Ah, yes. Ad Hominem attacks about my fashion sense, myopia and hair style, how...quaint.
I bet you can't run a mile in 10 minutes. I go to the gym once a day and jog every morning at 5am.

considering the only picture you can see of me is from the chest up and I'm dressed in my comfy sweater in it, your opinion on my physique isn't something I'll trust thanks.
Actually I need to leave, y'know to do my job and contribute to society and then go to the gym. It was nice talking to people that make me feel so much better about myself, because that's really all you did. I see people like you and I feel... sorry for you because this, right here and now, is all you will ever be.
Sorry, what? I just got back from the gym...was there for about 1.5 hours, kinda tired now. However, just popped in to say that since ...none of you want to actually deal with the topic at hand (instead you just make rude, sexual comments because you clearly don't understand anything about...well anything, except sex) I have better things to do with my life so I'm out. Goodnight, have a nice life. Hope you mature at some point in life, but I'm not holding out much hope.



Skeptimus Prime said...

Wow...just wow.

I am not usually an overprotective brother but if people said this kinds of stuff to your face while i was around they would quickly find my fist connecting with various parts of their anatomy.

Why does the internet make people asshats?

Sakasama_No_Chou said...

It's because they are anonymous...mostly.

I think these guys are probably exactly the same in real life though. I'm fairly certain I knew my fair share of people like this in high school. It's sad these guys never matured...though some of my those girls from high school never grew up either.