Monday, February 28, 2011

Baja Arizona

Yeah, you read that right. Southern Arizonans, who are disgusted with the "racism" of the rest of their state (Phoenix in particular), are pushing to secede Pinal county from the rest of the state of Arizona and create "Baja Arizona". A 51st state that would look something like this

Baja Arizona - ironic that they are showing it as a red state...


Personally, I'm all for it. Give them their own state where they can blatantly ignore federal law and allow illegal immigrants to work, use their medical facilities, send their children to school on taxpayer dollars and live in peice. Hell, this would mean that a huge section of the Mexico/Arizona border would no longer be Arizona's problem. Another plus would be that illegal immigrants fearing "racism and persecution" here in Arizona would move to their new state. I call this a win/win situation.


The people on the Facebook page Start Our State probably see it as a win/win as well...or they will until they realize that it's against FEDERAL law to allow illegal immigrants into the country. The entirety of US Code 1324 is about that very subject.

I'm not really sure what they think they are trying to accomplish, but I don't think they are going to get what they want. States cannot bypass federal law as they please, just as my post on Georgia hoping to bypass Roe Vs. Wade a few days ago pointed out. Just because they feel that illegal immigrants should be able to pass back and forth, with nary a piece of documentation to be had, does not mean that the federal government is going to feel so happy about that.

There are rational reasons for why we don't allow illegal immigrants free reign to pass through our border and live in the United States undocumented and, unfortunately for those that want to paint everyone who supported 1070 as racists, it has nothing to do with the color of their skin. I don't want Canadians hopping our border and using taxpayer dollars to school their children, recieve medical care or work without paying taxes anymore than I want Mexicans or Latinos to do it!

Sorry if I sound greedy, but I pay my taxes and I am insulted that people believe those taxes should go to help people who are not citizens. When I want to help people in another country, I donate to a charity. That's different, hell that could possible reduce my taxes. So why should I pay just as many taxes to let the government act as a charity for illegal immigrants? *shrug* It doesn't make sense does it.

To the folks in this county, and those in a couple of others who want to get in on this Statehood thing, I say, good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out and I'll be waiting to see what the government does to your state for harboring illegal immigrants.

Why don't you just secede from the USA altogether and become part of Mexico, I think that might make you happy actually. No border for immigrants to cross, but wait, then the illegal immigrants would cross your border into Arizona as well. It isn't the conversation they are coming over for, it's for the services they can get for free.


CrisPace said...
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CrisPace said...

I agree with you in theory of I wouldn't mind seeming them go...but I have no desire to see 2 more liberal senators to have to deal with.

Nick Mckinney said...

honestly becoming a new state for one region like that would be unlikely since the US constitution forbids creating another state out of the territory of an existing state..though it does not seem like constitutional law matters anymore.