Monday, February 07, 2011

American Islamophobia

Watch that video before reading this.
Seriously, you watched it right?

Now you know where I stand on this issue, if I haven't made it clear before.

Islamophobia? Really?
I'm trying desperately to find a way to rationalize how extreme left liberals in the USA can talk out of one side of their mouth and bash Christianity and then, almost simultaneously, talk from the other side about religious rights for Islam and how we have to respect their cultural, which I find morally bankrupt if not downright evil, because it's "part of their religion".

As Pat Condell says, there is nothing irrational about my fear of Islam. I'm female and gay and really, with those two things against me, I would be as good as dead in an Islamic society.

Now, I feel I must point out that I DON'T HATE MUSLIMS! As he says at the end of the video, "Try as they might, they just can't persuade Americans to hate Muslims."
I don't have a problem with the average American Muslim, their religion is there business and as long as they are not abusing their family (y'know, their wives and daughters) or trying to impose their religion or backwards laws onto us then I have absolutely no beef with them whatsoever.

I've been told that I'm a racist for pointing out the evils of Islam to people who, for some reason, still believe that Islam is, at it's core, a religion of peace.
I'm sure Islam can be practiced peacefully, just as Christianity CAN be practiced as a peaceful, loving and non-homophobic and non-bigoted organization. In fact there are Muslims and Christians that do practice their religion that way. It's the fact that there are groups, especially the groups in charge (The Pope, the Imams, etc.) who do not practice it that way and lead large swaths of followers, like Lemmings over a cliff, into their hate-based initiatives.*
The problem is that, to do this with either religion, requires you to basically ignore the entire history of the religion, not to mention a good portion of the religious texts associated with them.

And the FBI does back me up here. Americans just do not persecute Muslims, at least not to the extent that The Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) would like to have us believe especially after just launching an entire department to combat "Islamophobia".

Give me some proof that I'm wrong about Islam, give me some proof that if we allow Islam to have it's way that more stories like this one won't become the norm for 14 year old girls who are raped. Give me proof that Islamic countries don't want to impose Shariah law.
Give me that proof and I'll say I was wrong, I'll welcome Islam with open arms.

But until you do, remember that I'm not racist. I just have a rational fear of a religion that would flog me to death for being raped, that would kill me because I'm a lesbian. That's not a phobia, that's just common sense.

*See what I did there? Faith-based initiatives, hate-based initiatives, hahahaha...oh boy, I think I'm so clever.

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Skeptimus Prime said...

I have always thought it was rather silly for people to suggest that being critical of Islam makes one a racist. In fact it is telling of their own lack of knowledge, since many of the Muslims world wide are not, in fact, from the middle east.

A quick look at the numbers will reveal that the countries with the highest Muslim populations are Indonesia and India. 61% of Muslims live in Asia, while 20% live in the middle east.