Saturday, January 15, 2011

This is how I feel when I enter an internet forum

I've been out of the forum world for even longer than I've been out of the blogging world. Forums frustrate me...they make me want to end something, generally the world.

I get into arguments that cause my blood pressure to rise and my brain to hurt. Because I can't just go on a forum and say "hey, did you see that show last night. The one with the guy that has the hair. Pretty awesome right?" Oh no, I don't go on forums to discuss some trivial thing. If I want to do that I have Twitter (where tons of my followers like the same shows as me) and Facebook (Where half my friends are as nerdy, or nerdier, than I am).

I go on forums to discuss religion and politics, the world of forums that is filled with more morons than should be possible. I shouldn't care that they are idiots, but for some reason I continue poking them with the stick of logic and HOPING that one they will become enlightened...or at the vary least have IQs in the triple digits.

That's why I feel like this.

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