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"Managed" anorexia...might as well promote "managed" meth addiction....'ll lose weight and get sick at about the same speed either way.
(update at end of post)

For the last few days Twitter (and, apparently, most of the rest of the internet) has been in an uproar about @MrKennethTong, a former 'star' on the reality show "Big Brother". I didn't even know who this man (and I use the term 'man' while realizing that it insults every other male in existence to lump him in with them) was until he began promoted his so called "size zero pill" and attempting to convince girls all around the world that "not being thin is a modern day sin".

I'm going to attempt to not get too emotional in this post, but it may be hard. This dipshit has really gotten under my skin for several reasons, some of which have to do with me and some to do with people I knew in high school.

First of all, I'm not going to say that "inner beauty is the only thing that counts" like many people are saying on twitter. I'm only human and, like most other humans, I am marginally shallow. I'm not attracted to people who are grossly overweight, I'm just not. That being said, I'm also really, really, really not attracted to anorexic and sick looking models. Being able to see a woman's ribs is just about the most un-sexy thing since venereal diseases. Personally, I like curves. I want to have sex without worrying about breaking her, I'm not interesting in playing her ribs like a xylophone.

So I fully think that people who are overweight should get in shape, for there own health and well-being, but not because "thin is in". Anorexia is not going to help their health or well-being even one iota and it isn't even going to help their self-image for more than a blink of an eye.

Now, on a personal level, I go to the gym as often as I can, but not to lose weight.

'Huh-wha?' you say.

I'm sorry, did that confuse you? I don't care about my weight, except for how it makes me feel. If I don't exercise for a few days I feel sick and sluggish. From what I've read from people who have defeated the disease (yes, it is a disease) of anorexia, that is exactly how they would feel after days of starving themselves.

Why do I go to the gym then?

It makes me feel good. I can do more if I'm in shape. I am turning fat into muscle (which takes up less room in your jeans, but actually causes you to gain weight girls.). In truth, I've gained about 10 pounds since joining my gym. However, I think I've gone down a waist size and I can hike the difficult section of Piestawa peak with only minor difficulty. Trust me, if you aren't in shape that isn't going to happen.

On top of going to the gym and the aforementioned hiking, I also try to eat healthy (and normally portioned) meals and occasionally indulge in chips, ice cream or a candy bar. Even with those treats I still managed to go down a size in jeans, so I don't feel guilty.

For years I looked at magazine models and wondered "why can't I look like that". I hated my body, I was depressed and my self-image was absolutely terrible. I already had trouble with depression and that only added to it. It was not until senior year of high school that I began to embrace the fact that I'm a curvy girl and there isn't anything wrong with that. I love my curves and I even like showing them off.

It is possible to have curves and be sexy.

Besides, I have to face facts. I will never be a size zero. I could starve myself until I was dead and it wouldn't happen. I just don't have that body type, many women don't. I was once told I had "child-bearing hips" by a family member. (Don't judge, I'm a southern members don't know what 'boundaries' are there.)

I knew anorexic girls (and boys) in high school and I'll tell you one thing. I never knew any people who were any more ashamed and depressed than they were. It's a disease and if you suffer from it you need to get medical help, don't be ashamed, just get help. Don't wait until you pass out and end up hospitalized with an IV in your arm.

Your health is not worth fitting into a prom dress that is a size smaller.

If you want to lose weight there are healthy ways to do it, so please, please, please go eat if you are reading this and starving yourself. Hell, if you live near me I'll cook you dinner and bake you cookies, just as long as it will get you to eat.

And for those of you that I'm preaching to who are already in the choir, raise a fork in support of those that need help with this issue.

And Mr. Kenneth Tong, a quick question for you, did you eat dinner tonight? Practice what you preach, scumbag.

Update: 1-13-2011

So, apparently this was all one big hoax
quoted from TwitLonger
On Tuesday 11th January 2011, said:
I think it is time for to come clean. The whole size zero thing is a hoax. It came about after an interesting discussion I had with a friend of mine. The discussion centered round whether it was possible, to go from nowhere to be a globally recognized figure within a week harnessing the power of the internet and specifically Twitter, which I have always maintained is a better medium than national TV. My friend said it wasn’t possible. I said it was. To prove him wrong, I decided as a hoax to promote via Twitter something that was universally appalling, I chose managed anorexia. I would like to make it clear, I chose the subject as a hoax as I knew it’d be appalling to men and women. The campaign has worked; I have been a Trending topic on Twitter for over a week. I am scheduled to appear on TV, the Press and Radio shows, over the course of the next week: Grazia, Telegraph, The Sun, The Sunday Times etc. Now it’s time to come clean and stop the bandwagon. My honest personal opinion on managed anorexia is it is an disgusting and illogical idea. It is a mental illness. It cannot be managed. To all the people I have offended as part of this scientific experiment, I would like to apologize to you and to show my sincerity I will making a sizeable donation to beat: the leading UK charity for people with eating disorders and their families. Furthermore, I have decided to auction my custom Apple iPod Nano watch on Ebay, the proceeds from this will be going to the charity, beat.

Mr. Kenneth Tong, for using a mentally and physically debilitating disease to to get famous fast (social experiment or not) you are still an asshole. Anorexia is not a joke, nor should it be promoted to allow you to win a bet with a friend.

In fact... I think the fact that this was all about a bet and a social experiment may possibly make you more of a bastard than I originally believed.  

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