Monday, March 01, 2010

uh-oh... Opinions on "My Bloody Valentine" the latest episode of Supernatural

I kept saying how I was going to update more regularly and not forget about my blog, but then I did just that. I was complaining about someone I follow on blogger not updating in a while and then I just thought "uh, pot meet kettle, you haven't updated in a looooong time."

I have no idea what I'm here to write about today... Oh I know! I recently caught up with this season of Supernatural, a show I had neglected this season, much to my dismay. I got caught up in school and missed a lot of episodes.

The latest episode, before the show went on hiatus till March 25th (AH!) was called My Bloody Valentine and I suppose it could be LOOSELY be called a valentine's episode...if death, dismemberment and general grossness are valentine's day appropriate anyway. In my opinion, that's the only cool way to celebrate Valentine's day.

Be warned, thar be spoilers ahead for those of you who have not seen this episode.

In my opinion, this episode was one of the best for this season. It was certainly one of my favorites. Now this season has had a lot of good plots (The Song Remains the Same)and funny scenes (PUDDING! anyone?) and a few clunkers (Paris Hilton beating up Dean...uh yeah, that speaks for itself really.) but the writers did a great job of making Sam, Dean and Castiel so believable and heart-breakingly human in this episode. I was tearing up at the end.

The episode does start out in a way that sort of squicked me out though. I was reminded of the way the X-files got towards the end of the series, very graphic and gory. I can handle a lot of stuff, but the opening scenes had me turning away the same way the end of the Silent Hill movie did. The couple at the beginning EAT each was, to put it mindly, disgusting.

Sam and Dean ride into town and start looking into the deaths of 4 star crossed lovers. The ones that went all cannibal on each other and another pair that committed murder/suicide. They find Enochian sigils on the hearts of the dead and call in Castiel for help. Queu my favorite silly scene from the episode, with Dean calling Cas, telling them where they are and then continuing to talk to Cas on the phone after Cas arrives in my morgue and is standing in front of him.
Dean: Cas it's Dean, yeah room 31-c basement level. St. James medical center. (Castiel is in front of him).
Castiel: I'm there now.
Dean: yeah I get that.
Castiel: I'm gonna hang up now.
Dean: Right.

Castiel tells our boys that the sigils mean that a Cupid (or Cherubim 3rd class as he calls them) marked them to be together. So basically the boys think they are looking for a rogue cupid. (Only in a review of Supernatural would I be able to type that with a straight face.) They go to to a fancy restaurant to look for Cupid, because fancy restaurants are the obvious place for the Cherubim 3rd class to make his couples get all lovey-dovey.

Dean isn't hungry for his dinner, in fact he's been acting off all day. He didn't go out to hook up with random chicks when Sam offered to let him. Something is very strange... In fact...Cas is acting odd too. When Dean doesn't eat his burger he immediately says something along the lines of "Are you going to finish that?" and grabs the plate. Before he can chow down though, he realizes Cupid is there and vanishes, telling the boys to meet him out back.

Castiel makes the Cupid take corporeal form and we find that he is a fat naked man...I will never look at love the same way.
Cupid proceeds to give Dean a huge hug and then moves on to Cas. Sam tries to escape, but fails. This is my second favorite funny scene of the episode.
Dean: (to Cas, as Sam is being hugged) Is this a fight? Are we in a fight?!
Cas: This is their handshake.
Dean: I don't like it.
Cas: No one likes it.

Cas being hugged by Cupid is almost more funny than Dean calling Cas "Huggy bear" in an earlier episode.

They soon realize they are way off base, but they do learn that Mary and John Winchester couldn't stand each other till the Cupids got involved. Dean and Sam had to be born, so they had to get together.
Cupid: A match made in heaven.
Dean punches Cupid (when will he learn that punching angels only hurts him?).
Sam: You just punched a Cupid.
Dean: I punched a dick!

Another guy dies from overeating...twinkies and Sam runs into a demon dressed in a suit and tie and carrying a brief case. The demon gets away, but Sam gets the case. Which they open to find the contents is a human soul. Castiel informs them (while eating a bag of Whitecastle burgers, something is definitely wrong here) that the problem in this town is not a rogue cupid, but that Famine, the next horseman, is in town eating souls to gain strength. He is causing everyone in the town to gorge themselves on whatever it is that they hunger for. Sex, love, food, alcohol. In Castiel's case his vessel (remember Jimmy Novak?) is hungering for hamburgers. They know they need to stop Famine and they believe they can stop him the same way they stopped War earlier in the season.

Sam admits that he is seriously craving Demon blood and they are going to have to lock him up here while they get rid of Famine, because he can't control himself. I am seriously proud of Sammy in this episode, he knows he has a problem and asks for help. I really like him a lot more this season. In season four he was kind of a douche-bag to everyone.

Cas and Dean handcuff Sam to the sink in the bathroom (kinky) and leave him there while they hunt Famine. Famine sends demons after Sam to bring him to him. Famine is at, so funny, an all you can eat buffet where everyone has died from over-eating, so it's just him and his demon entourage.

Castiel has apparently eating 100 or so hamburgers...poor guy. He asks Dean why he isn't being affected by Famine, he's the only one who hasn't been craving anything. Dean tells him that he eats when he wants to, has sex when he wants to and drinks when he wants to.
Castiel: So you're saying you're just well adjusted?
Dean: God no, I'm just well fed.

Castiel is supposed to go in with the demon-killing knife and cut off Famine's ring that he uses to control people, but once inside he gets distracted by a pan of raw meat. This is not as gross as some other scenes from the episode, but still...ick.

Dean follows him in and then gets captured by the demons.

Cut to Sam, desperately trying to escape the handcuffs (still kinky) and find a demon to bleed. The two demons Famine sent after him show up and free him and then get a nasty surprise as Sam takes them down and goes a little crazy with bloodlust.

Cut back to Dean, who is being taunted by Famine. Famine says that hunger isn't just in the body, it's in the soul and that Dean isn't hungry because he doesn't have a soul, since he came back from hell.
Famine: That's one deep dark nothing you've got there Dean.

Luckily, Sam shows up to save the day. He's all hulked out on demon blood, but once again I am proud of him. When Famine offers him the rest of his entourage, he refuses and pulls the demons from their vessels. Famine eats the demon's spirits (the black smoke) instead. Sam uses his powers on Famine to pull all the demon spirits from him. It doesn't show whether Famine is dead or not, but for some reason I don't think this is the last we've seen of him.

The end of the episode comes with the boys and Cas back at Bobby's. Sam is detoxing in the Panic room and Dean is slowly falling apart. It just goes to show that Dean may be a bad ass, but at some point everyone breaks down. I think Dean may be close to his limit honestly. The very last scene is Dean breaking down outside, praying to God for help.
Dean: Please...I can't.... I need some help. Please....

I'm serious, this scene had me near crying. That rarely happens to me during a TV show, but this episode did it.

Sam is a better person now, I don't blame him for falling off the wagon in this episode. Dean is losing it, he needs more strength, but the writer's have made him seem so much more human in this episode. We rarely get a chance to see him as anything but strong. Castiel is definitely becoming human as the days go by and we have to wonder what that means for him and for Jimmy Novak.

March 25th can't come soon enough Kripke! I'm hoping for more awesome episodes like this one when the show comes off hiatus.