Sunday, February 07, 2010

I met my long lost older sister today...

I was completely minding my own business on LiveJournal today. I was hanging out on my Criminal Minds OTP Community for Hotch/Reid and I decided to post my first post there which consists of telling your name, your favorite Hotch/Reid scene and a few other misc. things. That's not really important though.

The important thing to note is that I posted this with an avatar which linked me to the Torchwood fandom and I quickly got a response from another Criminal Minds and Torchwood fan. Then I added her as a friend and went to her Livejournal page where she has posted a crossover fanfiction between Torchwood and Stargate Sg-1. It turned out that she liked the same pairing as me on Stargate and Torchwood and Criminal Minds. Then we realized that not only that, but we like the same pairings on House, NCIS, The Sentinel (a relatively old and unwatched show), Supernatural, Numb3rs and Sherlock Holmes. This is unheard of, I have never met a person that likes all the same shows as me and all the same pairings as well.

It was weird, but cool. So we exchanged IM addresses and started chatting. It turned out she's not my long lost twin, but we must be related some how. She's a few years older than me, but her birthday is 2 days after mine and we have a huge number of similarities. I think the whole situations is hilarious!
We both have a propensity for crushing on much older actors as well, Hugh Laurie, Liam Neeson, Mark Harmon and various others. We were on the same wave length so much during our conversation that we would make comments about the same thing at the same time, or answer a question before the other asked it. I seriously think it was appropriate that we ended up playing the X-files theme about half way through our conversation.

This night has been way weird, but I'm really glad I decided to make my introduction post on that community tonight.