Thursday, July 08, 2010

WARNING WARNING! I am apparently homophobic!

Today I got a review on a fanfiction I wrote. Not only was it belittling, but it was quite frankly RIDICULOUS!
I am probably about to be very rude, but considering it was left by "Anon" I don't really care. I would have sent my thoughts to them personally, but I can't because they didn't leave an email address.

Not a bad little fic, but just a word of advice: warning for 'slash' is kinda
homophobic, and may put off many potential readers. You don't need to 'warn'
for homosexuality any more than you do for heterosexuality.

Other than that, keep working on your writing, you've got some real potential!

First of all "Not a bad little fic"? how condescending is that? Either you liked it or you didn't, but don't say it's "not a bad little fic". I spent quite a few hours on that story and having it called that is a putting to say the least.

Second: Obviously the writer did not read my profile. I suppose a person who is 90% lesbian could be homophobic, but it would be kind of like shooting myself in the head...

Thirdly: If a story contained graphic descriptions of heterosexual sex you can BET YOUR ASS I would want a warning in the summary. I more than likely do not want to read it. I will skim over any such sections if I actually bother to read the story.
It's common courtesy when posting stories online to warn potential readers about content that may offend them. My stories have had anything from "possible triggers for abuse or torture", "Graphic sex", "Slash", "Cussing" and "Graphic violence". Any of those things could tell a person they don't want to read the story and shouldn't bother clicking on the link.
I would rather post the warning and warn readers who will be offended from reading, than not post a warning and receive dozens of flames from people saying
"U GROSS! I don't wanna read bout no gayz having sex!" or the equivalent.

And my last point for the day: If this "anon" had bothered to read my profile for another reason...If he had he would know that I was accepted, because of my writing portfolio, into a very prestigious art institute. I don't need to be told to keep writing because I "have potential" by this yahoo. Especially not after my story was called "not a bad little fic".

I would like to think that this reviewer did not realize how rude and condescending their review was, but they probably did.

Some people may take this blog as me being too sensitive about reviews. I can handle constructive criticism in reviews, I have at various points received criticism on the stories I write, but a review like this that was obviously mis-informed and simply condescending really frustrates me.

FYI, if you are going to call me homophobic for giving people a heads up about the content of my writing, at least have the decency to leave a way to contact you to address your allegations. It makes me really unhappy if you don't.


KnottedFingers said...

Psssst. Meredith. I love you but it's accepted and not excepted ;)

SORRY!! It popped up and is driving me insane!!!

Sakasama_No_Chou said...

Whoops, knottedfingers, thanks to catching that. It's now fixed.
As you could tell I was a bit flustered when writing that. It slipped my notice.