Friday, April 16, 2010

Much happier today!

Okay, so I am much happier today.

The other day when I posted I was freaking out over the cost of college and then I got pissed that they have the nerve to charge so much.
My mom managed to calm me down and we crunched the numbers to see if my family could budget it so they could pay off the part of tuition that would have been covered by loans by using a payment plan.

My mom came to the conclusion that they could, but I just couldn't make them do that. We have enough money trouble as it is without them throwing over a $1000 a month toward my tuition bill.

So I've made a decision, it's an important one and I would like to thank a friend on Livejournal, Memnoch, for giving me the idea to try a different route to what I want.

I was having a random conversation with my dad tonight, which is a common occurrence and because of a series of events somehow we started talking about bar tending. From there I found myself researching bar tending schools and pay rates and now!


I am going to enroll in a bar tending school in June, once my family has moved to the other side of town and I've completed the two classes I'm in at Community College.

Bar tending classes only take about 2 weeks and cost about $300-$400. Then I get my certification and the school will help me find a job. Bartenders, with salary and tips, in this area make about $100-$300 a night. That's more than I could manage in almost a week some places.

It's strange, college has been the main thing for me ever since I started Junior high. I always had it on the front burner, watching it cook, like watching paint dry everyday for 6 years.

Suddenly I find myself putting college on the backburner and letting is simmer and I've never felt more happy or free than I do at this moment. It's an amazing feeling, I can't remember the last time I just didn't care about college or how I would pay for it or what I would major in.

I still want to go to college eventually, but this time could be what I need to make sure I don't make a mistake in what I major in and make sure I don't have piles of debt.

Here's to realizing that the fastest way between two point is always a straight line, but sometimes the best way is the one that meanders around a little bit and stops to smell the flowers and listen to the birds.

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heavenreturned said...

I've thought about doing it myself I admit. You and me would be AWESOME bartenders <3<3