Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Eleventh Hour 5.01 of Doctor Who - Steve Moffat could be good for this show

Just watched the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who. I was expecting to hate it and hate the new Doctor. Surprisingly I liked the new episode (it was written by Steve Moffat the new director, so no real surprise there. I love all his episodes) and I like Matt Smith's version of the Doctor, I don't love him yet, but it could happen. The new companion, Amelia Pond, is quirky and I like her too...though she's no Rose Tyler, so we'll see how much I like her in the coming season.

The only things I had issue with was the Doctor's new wardrobe (very geeky college student, complete with tweed, checkered shirt, bowtie and suspenders) I firmly believe that the only people who can pull of a bowtie are sweet British Gentlemen, like Ducky from NCIS. I also thought that the new Doctor's attitude and mood were a major jump from the 10th doctor, but then again that tends to happen whenever he regenerates so I'm not going to pick at that too much. Every version of the Doctor seems to have a personality that greatly deviates from the one before. I think it has something to do with the memories of his former version not affecting him quite as personally anymore.

On that note.

I have to say that I am quite pleased with the new tone for the show and for the Doctor. I'm not a fan of Russell T. Davies, for all that I am glad he brought back Doctor Who and started Torchwood, and I have not made that a secret to anyone who would listen. RTD seems to have a penchant for lots of angst in his shows and that has been clearly seen in every season and special of Doctor Who and Torchwood. It's been like one long series of angsting for the characters and, of course, the fans who get involved in the character's stories.
Matt Smith's Doctor has new hope, a new body and a new zest for life that I find refreshing, especially after the monumentally depressing year we had for DW and TW last year. The Doctor Who specials (aside from the first which was lighthearted, but poorly written IMO) were all depressing as hell and any fan of Torchwood is well aware of why Children of Earth the Torchwood Miniseries was depressing. I felt like I was on one long crying jag no matter where I turned in my Sci-fi fandoms.
(Of course I'm a tad thankful for this as it hurtled me into finding some new fandoms, Criminal Minds and Supernatural being two of them)

I'm grateful that it appears, though it could be too soon to tell since where only one episode into the season (but it's Steve Moffat, I trust him), but I think I'm not going to be tempted to drink cyanide out of sheer depression brought on by the episodes this year in Doctor Who. The verdict is still out on Torchwood of course. If BBC brings it back for a new season and IF I decide to watch it (I may boycott it because of RTD still directing it) I'm hoping for less angst. I'll probably hold off till after the whole season is done so I'll know if it's worth the pain of getting involved with the characters again.

So there's my small review of what I thought and a tiny bit of outlook on what could be a very good season for Steve Moffat's Doctor Who.


In the end, I'll always have a soft spot for David Tennant's portrayal of The Doctor, just as I still have a soft spot for Tom Baker's version. However, I think it's time to retire him and his anger and sadness and time for a new version to step up, so strangely's good to see him go.

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