Monday, March 08, 2010

Okay, so now I'm pissed

As a preface:

Anyone involved in a fandom should keep a level head and remember that it's only a t.v. show/book/videogame/anime. The fans however are real people, so don't be a dick.

A few months ago I wrote a post on my Livejournal about how people in fandoms are rude, overly judgmental and just dicks in general sometimes. I was angry then, because some who I consider a friend on Livejournal was being harassed by other members of the House M.D. fandom on LJ. She's an amazing fanfiction writer (could write amazing original fiction too if she wanted too), but she had the unfortunate tendency to be completely and utterly honest to everyone. She wasn't afraid to make her opinion know about every single thing in the fandom, she reminds me a lot of House in fact.

She has very good opinions, in my opinion. She wrote pointed reviews of House episodes, pointing out the unfair treatment of House and the double standards that both the show and the fans put on House and Wilson. I could go on for days about everything she said that was true and well thought out, but that's not the point of this post.

The point of this post is to get royally pissed off at the people who drove her from the fandom she was involved in. Her stories were flamed and hurtful things were said to her about her writing and her opinions. She repeatedly told people she wasn't going to change and if they didn't want to hear what she had to say or read what she had to write then they should just ignore her. For some reason these...frakkin' morons couldn't do that. The continued to hurt a wonderful woman, who I would be proud to call a friend. Her online world was an escape, just as it is for me and for many others, but she couldn't have a safe haven online because of people who take their fandom too seriously.

IT'S A TV SHOW! There is no reason to take things said by a fan who you don't agree with as a personal slight. She did nothing to anyone to deserve the treatment she got. There was no personal malice against any of the people that harassed her. She's withdrawn from her online persona because of you though. I hope you are all happy.

Anyone who gets so involved with a fandom that they will willingly use angry words to hurt and upset another fan should be ashamed of themselves. Act your age, or at least your shoe size. Even children aren't as callous and cruel as these particular people.

Yeah, this may make me unpopular. However, I stand up for my friends. Keep in mind though, that I will never harass these people. I will never deliberately hurt any of you with my words or my writing, if I did then I would be no better than you.

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