Saturday, January 16, 2010

The glass is half full

So breaking up sucks, I know this for a fact. I probably don't have the right to feel bad since I did the breaking up, but I still do.

The thing is...I can't mope around forever. I'm gonna try to be optimistic about things now.

I managed to write what I think is a pretty good application essay for my college application. I'm waiting to see what a friend of mine thinks of it, possibly my mom as well. I'm working on putting together some work for my writing portfolio. I only a few more days to get everything done and sent into the college before the deadline. I'm really excited and I'm feeling really good about being accepted at the college. It's going to be such a big change for me if I get an acceptance letter. Of course there is still the matter of finding a way to pay for my tuition, which is outrageously high, but totally worth. Not just because it's a good and well known school, but also because it's IN NEW YORK CITY!

Finally, I'll be living where I've wanted to live for years.

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