Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas illness

So Christmas is coming up and more people in my family are sick. Everyone in my family has had H1N1 so far this year...I only had to for a couple of days...I'm not entirely convinced that was what I had, but my mom thinks it was and Doctor mom knows best I suppose.
I don't know if somehow they got H1N1 again or if this is the regular flu, but at least 3 people have fevers and my dad might have a fever, but he's too stubborn to actual let mom take his temperature so we aren't sure.

I'm currently barricaded in my room avoiding the germ ridden masses. If they get to really feeling bad I might be convinced to take care of them, but for now I have no intention of getting sick. I'm only going downstairs for food occasionally. Otherwise, I'm locking myself in for a Supernatural marathon on my laptop and texting my girlfriend.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas exchange

My girlfriend is leaving tomorrow to visit some friends and family in another state for Christmas. I know I've mentioned this before. Because of this we had a gift exchange Wednesday night at her house. She liked her gift, for which I was very glad. I gave her a claddagh necklace which symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty, these are usually rings used in Ireland, but I love the meaning behind them and I didn't really think a ring was the right way to go. I also made her a blanket to keep her warm on her trip.
She got me a couple of very nice things, my favorite though, was this t-shirt. It's a character from a webcomic we both read, YU+ME. You should check it out, it's an interesting comic filled with strange ideas and plots and it's easy to get wrapped up in.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My girlfriend's other present got here today, I've yet to go get it from the mailbox down the street though. My dad has the only key to the mailbox and he's out of the house for next 45 minutes to an hour. I really want to see if it looks at good as it did on the website.

I must admit, that I'm really not certain whether she will like it or not. I don't think she'll hate it, but I'm not sure the meaning of it for me will translate well for her. I also don't want to go into some long explanation about what it means, but I suppose a little explanation couldn't hurt.

I'll let people know how she liked it next time I post, which probably won't be until Friday afternoon because I will be going out of town on Thursday morning with my family. (Yes, they finally decided when to get the tree). I can't say what it is yet, because she sometimes reads my blog and she can't know her presents until I give them to her tonight. Hey, if she can be secretive about gifts so can I.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Indecisive people!

There is nothing I hate more than the aforementioned thing. I want to have things planned in advance, as I know I've said before. I get very stressed out when things are concrete and people continue changing plans right up until the moment things have to be finalized.

Unfortunately, I have a family who likes to do things like pack up the car for a camping trip and not know where we are going to camp. A family that says "we are going to get a Christmas tree" but doesn't tell me when so I can make plans. In fact, if they do tell me a time and I make plans for after that then they change plans so that they conflict with my own.

I'm pissed off if you can't tell. My girlfriend is leaving soo and she won't be back for nearly 3 weeks. I'm gonna miss her like crazy, but I know she needs to see her family back home and I don't mind. If I was out at home I would seriously consider trying to spend the holidays with her, but that's just not a practical idea right now. So I'm not pissed off at her, I'm pissed at my parents.

So I made plans with my girlfriend to spend the night at her house, then my parent's move their plans for getting a Christmas tree. 'Okay, I can still stay over, but I have to leave early' I think, that is doable, not fun, but doable. Then they might be going on the weekend instead of Thursday. 'Okay, that's better' I think ' I can stay the whole day with my girlfriend instead of leaving early'. Then they go back to the original plan.

At which point I say that they should just tell me what they decide, as my opinion doesn't seem to matter much anyway. My dad tells me not to have a bad attitude and I respond by telling him that I do have a life outside of their plans. He tells me "no you don't", he was joking, but it rubbed me the wrong way.

I do have a life and I told him so. I made plans long before they made theirs and I'll be damned before I let them destroy my plans for theirs. At this point I just want to stay home while they get the Christmas Tree. It would be more enjoyable...

Hallelujah! The final meme post and Finals.

Finals are finished, you can hear the chorus of angels singing an Aria for me can you not? So now on to the lovely time I'm going to have finishing Christmas shopping, filling out college transfer applications and working on my writing portfolio.

My English teacher from senior year told me that, for the analytical part of my portfolio, I might want to think about writing a new paper on a new book. So I'm going to toy with a few ideas over the next couple of ideas. The latest classic that I read was Phantom of the Opera and I have more than a couple of ideas for how to write a pretty interesting paper about that. I may need to find a copy of the DSM online for part of it though...Eric needs to be diagnosed seriously.

Now I just have to figure out some way to keep updating this blog, though I think there are a total of 2 people who read it....oh well, it's fun to write about random things for a few minutes a day.

This is the last topic for the 30 days meme, the post was supposed to be about anything I wanted which worked out nicely I think. Like I said, now it's up to me to find something to talk about... which could be...interesting to say the least.

Hopes for the next 365 days

So I'm skipping two of the prompts for this meme, because they are horrendously boring. No one wants to here about my last month or year, I can assure you.

So instead I am going to talk about what I hope will happen between now and December 14th of next year. I would like to get excepted at one of my top choices for University and concentrate more on my writing and photography. I want to figure out what path I want to take in life, which is a pretty tall order to carry out in 365 days, but at the least I would to know exactly what my major is and what sort of job I want to have.

I'm the kind of person that likes to have things planned. I don't like doing things off the cuff, it stresses me out. Unfortunately I come from a family who loves to "go with the flow" and "just see what happens" it drives me bonkers.

In the next year I would like to come to a place where I am not constantly questioning my future, myself or my relationships. This is also a big thing, but a girl can dream big can't she?
It's just that all this questioning is hard to keep up with and don't get me wrong, I adore my girlfriend and she is the most amazing person in the world and one of the most (if not THE most) important person in my life, but sometimes it seems that our dreams and plans for our lives are just completely at odds with one another. I think that with time we could work things out, but with transfer applications beginning to be due and next fall looming, it certainly seems sometimes that we don't have enough time.
I try not to think about it too much and just enjoy the time we spend together now.

The next 365 days will probably be even more stressful than the last set, but it should prove interesting.