Saturday, November 28, 2009

A fictional book

Mercedes Lackey has long been a favorite Fantasy Author of mine. Her book "Bedlam's Bard", that she co-wrote with Ellen Guon, sparked a love of Urban Fantasy for me. Previous to reading these books I had been a fan of High Fantasy, along the same vein as Tolkien or R.A. Salvatore (as I mentioned in another post).

Urban Fantasy books are characterized by the fact that they take the normal elements of fantasy (Elves, dwarves, magic, dragons and sword fighting) and place them in the rather anachronistic setting of the modern world. Fantasy has always been a sort of escape for me, a way to imagine a world where fantastic things could occur and I could dream of being a part of those adventures. Urban Fantasy simply made it easier to imagine myself in those situations.

The story of "Bedlams' Bard" revolves around the life of Eric Banyon. At one time he attended Juliard and had a bright future ahead of him as a classical musician. Unfortunately he possessed powers that he could not understand and he ended up running from his life at Juliard because of them. At the beginning of the book he is living in L.A., doing drugs, drinking and playing at Renaissance faires to make his living. His magic awakens an Elven lord who had been placed in a drugged sleep and Eric is recognized as one of the rarely born human bards. He is then of course drawn into a life or death scenario, featuring duals, beautiful Femme Fatales and of course the objective of saving the lives of all of the Elves in Los Angeles.
The story is the first in a series, which I dearly hope will be continued. The latest book of the series "Music to my Sorrow" was published in 2007 and I await another installment.

Friday, November 27, 2009


I finished. Oh yes I did. I wrote 50,096 words according to the NaNo validation tool; according to Microsoft Word it was more like 50,256, but whatever.

I'm so proud of myself. Now I just need to outline the final piece of the story and outline the rest of the subplot and write that. So I probably have 10-15k left to write, but I'll wait to do that after this semester is over. I kind of want to go back to working on a fanfiction I left hanging as well, so we'll see about doing that as a sort of break. Editing will be taking place in January or February depending on how soon I get the rest of the story written.

Whatever I want and I want to talk about my favorite musicals

Musicals have been a part of my life for a long time. When I was in elementary school, at a private Christian school (but that's a different story), we had a choir class. Ever year we had two music events, one for Christmas and one for Spring. We practiced for ages for both and we would get a break in between. For our break we would watch a musical in class, which would take several days. I remember watching Fiddler on the Roof and Sound of Music several times, I could probably sing all the songs from Sound of Music off the top of my head and it's one of the few musicals that I have absolutely no wish to see ever again as a result.

Too be honest, my two favorite musicals are two that I have only been exposed to in the last 5 years or so. The Phantom of the Opera and RENT are both relatively new musicals to be honest, though they have both had very successful and long runs on Broadway.

The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most disturbing musicals for me, simply because it very much causes me to root for the antagonist of the play. I fully believe that was Lord Webber's intent when he created the play, based off of Gaston Leroux's novel from the early 20th century. Like all of the play's created by Andrew Lloyd Webber this musical has exceptional music and and a wonderful story line that follows the plot of Leroux's book fairly well.
The Phantom, for all his faults, is a pitiable character. I get the feeling that he would have been a very different man, a genius of stable mind, if he had only been loved despite his deformities.

RENT is a story that simply a retelling of the Opera La Boheme. Despite that, the story is much more popular with many people. Of course I firmly believe it is because the story is so accessible to my generation. I think most of us can empathize with at least one of the characters in Jonathan Larson's "Rock Opera". The story is made all the more poignant by the fact that many of the people in the story are based off people that Larson knew. Larson died before his play could reach the level of popularity that it now has, his work lives on far past his own death.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A picture taken of me recently

I'll post two of them. I don't think I'm very photogenic, but they don't look too bad.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On a side note

Wordle: two month

This has nothing to do with my other posts for that livejournal meme. I just wanted to take the time out of my schoolwork and writing to say that today is the 2 month from the first date that my girlfriend and I ever went on. I know I'm silly and sentimental, but given that fact I feel extraordinarily grateful that we have made it this far.

A picture of me taken 10 years ago

I don't have one of these, so you'll have to settle for one taken about 6 years ago when I was in 7th grade.

She's dead!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A picture I took

That is a very vague request and I've taken lots of pictures, so I'll share one that I really really really liked even if it does look really silly.

Fun times at Disneyland for my Senior trip. My best friend, Cindy, (crazy girl in the picture) and I spent way to much time riding the kiddy rides, but it was ridiculously fun and I got her a hat (seen in picture) for her birthday present.

Monday, November 23, 2009

a photo that makes me angry

It's technically the 23rd, so I can post now since I'll probably forget later today.

This picture pisses me off, because it just shows the ability for groups like WBC to brainwash the young.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A photo that makes me happy

Umm, here goes. I guess this is a picture that makes me quite happy when I look at it.

I've loved it ever since I first took it. This trip to Colorado was one of my favorites and the scenery never fails to inspire me when I'm in a writing slump.