Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's resolution

We all make them, don't lie I know you made one this year. I also know that you probably haven't followed through on more than 10% of the resolutions you've made. How do I know this? Because it's the same for me...actually my percentage is probably lower. Don't feel bad, we all do it.

My problem is generally that I aim way to high with my resolutions. World domination is not a practical New Year's resolution and I know does another one of my friends, yet he continually makes that resolution. Also becoming a millionaire or writing the next great American novel are both resolutions that put just a little too much stress on me and therefore they never get done. Instead they are shoved into the back corner of my mind until the next New Year's eve when they are dragged out and I make myself feel horrible because I couldn't even manage one measly thing that I really wanted to do and I had a whole year.

This year was different, much to my surprise. I made my resolution last year and it was a wish that I would finally be in a good relationship with someone who adores me as much as I adore her. Crazily enough, a resolution that I thought was too good to come true, is true this year. So YAY!

This year though I'm going to practice being an underachiever with my resolution. Instead of swearing that I will accomplish some huge goal this year, I'm resolving that I will take all my goals and stop trying to accomplish them all at once. I'm young, I'm creative and I have plenty of time to accomplish my dreams. So it's time to concentrate on 1 or 2 of these goals I have for myself and leave the rest for later.
Hell, I'll only be 22 or 23 when I get my first degree, there's time to get another and time to try out all sorts of job options. Of course I don't relish the idea of being a starving artist, but I'm sure I can find some jobs to tide me over in my ongoing search for my dream job.

I'm ready for a less stressful new year. I hope to get some things right this year and get 1 or 2 things done, but not too many.

Here's to the underachievers, it may take us longer, but we can reach the top eventually.

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