Friday, December 11, 2009

My day, in great detail

Prepare to be bored to tears. It's finals week, nothing I do is interesting.

I was up till an ungodly hour this morning finishing a paper for my history 101 class and putting the finishing touches on my final (which is a paper) for my Anthropology 214 class. I slept in an hour and a half, awakening at 9:30. I had to rush to get ready for my history class at 10:00 and even then I was still 10 minutes late. Luckily I didn't miss much and I was able to turn in my paper, do my presentation on my paper and take my test for this section all in short order. I was out of the class by 11 and heading to my geology class after getting some serious Caffeine action at my college's cafe.

My Geology test went well, I did much better than I expected I would. Still, I will only get a C in the class overall, I would have to get a high B on the final to bump my grade up a notch. The final is optional, all things considered it's not worth my time even taking it. Considering the abysmal grades I got on half the tests in that class I would not make a good showing on the final.

After the test I met up with a couple of friends in the student union and ate lunch with them while we watched some VERY strange Youtube videos. I was supposed to go with a friend to a clinic today, but he had to cancel the appointment. Lack of money...which sucks so much all things considered. Planned Parenthood charges through the nose for blood work. I hung out there for a while and made some plans for winter break, including a camping trip on the 26th. (We will all freeze to death... -_-)

After my friends left my dad picked me up and we went downtown to pick up my sister from school. We came home and I slept for a while and then had dinner while watching Hannity with my mom, she loves Fox news...I am...neutral on the subject for the most part. Something my girlfriend does not understand at all. They aren't all crazy at fox, just some of them.

I then went up stairs and watched some old cartoons, played on facebook and talk to my girlfriend and a few other friends. I then laid down in bed to sleep, but ended up listening to Christmas music and angsting about college decisions and other such related things.

Now I'm up typing this, but I'm finally feeling tired. I think once I post this I'll go to bed.

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