Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Indecisive people!

There is nothing I hate more than the aforementioned thing. I want to have things planned in advance, as I know I've said before. I get very stressed out when things are concrete and people continue changing plans right up until the moment things have to be finalized.

Unfortunately, I have a family who likes to do things like pack up the car for a camping trip and not know where we are going to camp. A family that says "we are going to get a Christmas tree" but doesn't tell me when so I can make plans. In fact, if they do tell me a time and I make plans for after that then they change plans so that they conflict with my own.

I'm pissed off if you can't tell. My girlfriend is leaving soo and she won't be back for nearly 3 weeks. I'm gonna miss her like crazy, but I know she needs to see her family back home and I don't mind. If I was out at home I would seriously consider trying to spend the holidays with her, but that's just not a practical idea right now. So I'm not pissed off at her, I'm pissed at my parents.

So I made plans with my girlfriend to spend the night at her house, then my parent's move their plans for getting a Christmas tree. 'Okay, I can still stay over, but I have to leave early' I think, that is doable, not fun, but doable. Then they might be going on the weekend instead of Thursday. 'Okay, that's better' I think ' I can stay the whole day with my girlfriend instead of leaving early'. Then they go back to the original plan.

At which point I say that they should just tell me what they decide, as my opinion doesn't seem to matter much anyway. My dad tells me not to have a bad attitude and I respond by telling him that I do have a life outside of their plans. He tells me "no you don't", he was joking, but it rubbed me the wrong way.

I do have a life and I told him so. I made plans long before they made theirs and I'll be damned before I let them destroy my plans for theirs. At this point I just want to stay home while they get the Christmas Tree. It would be more enjoyable...

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