Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas illness

So Christmas is coming up and more people in my family are sick. Everyone in my family has had H1N1 so far this year...I only had to for a couple of days...I'm not entirely convinced that was what I had, but my mom thinks it was and Doctor mom knows best I suppose.
I don't know if somehow they got H1N1 again or if this is the regular flu, but at least 3 people have fevers and my dad might have a fever, but he's too stubborn to actual let mom take his temperature so we aren't sure.

I'm currently barricaded in my room avoiding the germ ridden masses. If they get to really feeling bad I might be convinced to take care of them, but for now I have no intention of getting sick. I'm only going downstairs for food occasionally. Otherwise, I'm locking myself in for a Supernatural marathon on my laptop and texting my girlfriend.

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