Saturday, November 21, 2009

Write about whatever I want

That's today's sharing topic, so here goes.

I guess I will write about one of my great dreams, though it may be unattainable.

Ever since I was about 13, I've dreamed about living New York. I was in love with the city for a variety of reasons and most of them to do with various books I had read and the idea of Broadway and Times Square and the shear size and excitement that I was sure I could find in that city. Can you really blame me? I spent the early years of my life in Fort Smith, Arkansas after all. I wrote my first blog on this site, sitting at my dad's computer in my family's office on a street in that town and let me tell you something, there is no glitz and glamour to living in Arkansas. We never got attention that other cities in other states got and it frustrated me to no end.

New York was the epitome of all that was exciting and fashionable and fast paced. There are huge universities, artists and designers and authors make there home there and I had this dream, especially after my voice instructor commented on my voice, of singing on Broadway. I wanted to sing and act, I wanted to be Christine in a production of Phantom of the Opera. I wanted to be a famous writer (a dream I've not quite give up on).

I've really let my voice go in recent years, I no longer have a voice tutor and I don't think I've actually sung scales in 2 years, much less practiced difficult songs and worked on my vocal range. It's probably not too late, but it's certainly true that making the choice for that sort of career would take a lot of backtracking and a lot of hard work. Writing is still something I want to do and I practice when I can, that would be the whole reason behind doing NaNoWriMo this year.

I suppose I would still like to live in New York, despite what I say to my girlfriend about hating cold weather (I'm like a lizard, cold-blooded). I visited New York once and it left me wanting more. The subways and museums, the little restaurants tucked into little corners on streets, the cemeteries and parks and barges and even the crowds and noise all just call to me. I want to go back there someday, someday soon I would hope. I have yet to live in a place that called to my, for lack of a better word, soul more than New York City. I've met others that can't stand the city, but I agree with Cole Porter's song. I happen to like New York.

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