Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Non-fiction book

Without You is the Memoir of Anthony Rapp, the original actor that played Mark Cohen in RENT. He knew Jonathan Larson well. His personal life, involving the long illness and eventual death of mother and his love life, is skilfully intertwined with the story of his acting job during the course of RENT as well as the actual story of RENT itself.

The story is funny and engaging and I found myself crying more than once over some of the stories that he tells. He is brutally honest about himself and his family, often telling stories that his family may not have wanted aired publicly.

I've actually read the book several times and the book itself has the marks of that on it. Coffee stains from coffee spilled on it in a Airport in Atlanta, Georgia and various other marks of wear and tear from carrying it with me everywhere I went for about a year.

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